St Patrick's Day Make - Part 1

St Patrick’s Day is coming up and I thought I would share with you a tutorial for a project.

I didn't know that St Patrick's Day is the most celebrated national festival in the world! We all know how a lot of people like to celebrate St Patrick's Day, so this week’s make will help you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style!

This tutorial will be in two parts, today will be the design and then, in Part 2, how to make it but here is the finished make!

Whiskey glass

Part One – The Design

So today will be showing you how to get this design. Cricut Design Space is an online software that you use with the Cricut machine, it has a huge range of images and projects to buy as well as some free ones too. What I love about Cricut Design Space is that you have the ability to upload your own designs for free and that you can create patterns from some free basic shapes that Cricut gives you too. So if you wanted to create a shamrock design, you could buy one for 99p from the Cricut Design Space, you could upload your own or you can draw your own.

cricut design space


Uploading your own image is so easy. The important thing is to make sure that the image that you are uploading is not copyrighted so you are free to use it. There are many copyright free images online and there are also many websites where you can buy images too.

Once you have a jpeg (or gif, png, bmp, svg, or dxf files), then you can upload it onto Cricut Design Space. The best images are the ones that are bold with clear lines. You firstly, need to choose the type of image you have from the three options.

uploading an image to cricut design space

Once you have decided, you will go through to an editing screen. Cricut will look at the image altogether regardless of the colours, so if you do not edit it, Cricut will look at the image and cut only the square outline, so you need to delete the background.

uploading an image

Using the select & erase tool will delete all of the colour that you click on. So clicking on the background will delete it all and then you can preview the cut (see the pic) to see if there is anything else to erase.

Once you are happy, click continue and save your image as a cut file. This will then be added to your library of files that you can upload to your canvas.

The other option for more simple designs is to draw one yourself. Looking at this image as a reference, you can start to see the basic shapes that make it up.


First, I made 3 hearts by choosing the heart shape from the basic shapes tab.




Rotating two of the hearts and positioning them like this, gives us the leaf shape.

The stem is a little more complicated! I drew a square and a circle and used the slice option to carve a curved line. Select both shapes and then click the 'slice' tool. Then I made the slice curve slightly bigger, overlaid this to the remaining square and sliced again, leaving an arc shape.




When these pieces are all in place together, use the weld tool to make sure your shapes merge together. You can then save your project.



In Part 2, I will be showing you how to make the project! I would love to hear your feedback or if you have any questions, so please comment below! 

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