Personalised Christmas Tree Decorations - A lovely keepsake

Christmas is around the corner and I am planning and making some new Christmas products for the website, which I'm looking forward to showing you all in the next couple of weeks! In the meantime, I thought I would show my personalised Christmas decorations that are ready to order right now!

A personalised Christmas decoration is a lovely keepsake that can be used every year. I still have Christmas decorations from my childhood. My great-aunt and great-uncle lived in California and bought personalised Christmas decorations for us all at birth. I loved placing it on our Christmas tree every year and when I left home, my mum gave me mine so I could carry that on. I still have a little smile when I decorate our tree, even 40 years later!

One of the first products I ever sold were my personalised felt Christmas decorations. I have two styles (heart or star) in two different colours (red or white). Each decoration has a snowflake stitched on one side with a button hand-stitched in the centre. I also sell them without a name too!

On the other side, the name is stitched. Depending on how long the name is, depends on how big it will be! 

Last year, I introduced the personalised glass Christmas decorations. These glass-etched effect decorations have a santa sleigh and reindeer design with the name underneath. 

I also have a variety of Christmas bunting available as well!


I have some new designs in mind for this Christmas and I will be launching them in a couple of weeks. I would love to hear your opinions though and if you have anything you would like to see, please message me or comment below!

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