New Fabric!

It was a very exciting week this week as I took the plunge by placing my first wholesale order of fabric and it arrived! It has lived in the hallway for most of the week as I was struggling to even get in my craft room. This is probably why it’s taken so long for me to get round to placing such a large order. Apart from having the money to reach the minimum order, it does take a lot of space up. It’s taken some convincing to get my husband on board. He gets so frustrated about all the craft stuff I buy. The more I use, the more that seem to come into the house and in larger quantities too. I love my new fabrics. There are now two different unicorn fabrics along with a gorgeous princess theme and a dino themed fabric on a gorgeous aqua colour.

Unicorn Fabric - Pink Unicorn Fabric - Grey Princess fabric  Dino Fabric - Aqua

Every time I find a fabric I like, it’s difficult to know how much to buy as you don’t know how popular it will be and you never know if you will be able to buy it again. Fabric is seasonal which has its pros and cons. As much as I hate running out of a fabric I’ve been using, I can also have a lot of fun finding new designs! Buying wholesale has been a big thing for me though and it also meant that I had to buy a minimum of 20m so I have plenty for now!

I will be making up some cushions in the new fabric and getting them onto the website very soon. They have arrived just in time because my current supply of fabric that I make my unicorn cushions is made with is down to my last ones. So order now before they are gone!

unicorn cushion

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