Mother's Day Make - Some Ideas on How to Decorate your Keyring Purse

Following my tutorial on making this keyring purse, I wanted to give you ideas on how to personalise your make for Mother's Day!

1. Fabric pens

tulip pens


I bought these ones from Hobbycraft. These are perfect for younger ones who would like to decorate their make, or if you just like having the freedom to express yourself. These are permanent markers though, so I would suggest that you use them preferably before you make up your purse. Or, you should place some card inside the purse so the pens don't mark all the way through!

2. Stamping



I also bought these from Hobbycraft (I spend a lot of time in there!). You could stamp out a message or a name on your purse. This set also includes a cute little heart too!

3. Embroider


In this picture, I have used my embroidery machine and embroidered the name on it before making the purse up. You can also hand embroider a name on by drawing your pattern or name on and hand stitching along the drawn lines.

4. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)



Here is an example of how I use HTV with my Cricut machine. You can cut out your design or a name and iron it on to your make.

I would love to see some of your makes! Please comment below with any other ideas you have to decorate or personalise your purse. If you have any other ideas of makes that you would like to see on this blog as a tutorial, please message me too!

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