Let me introduce myself....

I thought I would write a quick post to introduce myself.


I’m Cheryl, I’m a mum to two amazing children and our fur baby, Luna. I love making things and will try most crafts, whether it’s sewing, crochet, paper craft, or machine embroidery to name a few. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by creativity and I learnt most of my craft skills from my mum and my grans. I have always made things for my daughter; dresses, dressing up clothes, frames and pretty things. A lot of my products have been inspired by her. I often find things going missing from my craft room and they mysteriously turn up in her room. Apparently, she has no idea how they got there!

It has been amazing to be able to start a business and to be able to do what I love doing. It is actually coming up to Little Luna Creations first birthday at the end of November. Starting my own business has been such a steep learning curve. Learning about websites, social media, photography and accounts, not to mention finding the time to actually design and make my products. There have definitely been ups and downs too. Keeping your morale up can be difficult when there are slower times. I have found ways to keep myself going. I never used Instagram before but it has been really useful. Trying to keep consistently posting has helped me focus and try to build up a ‘brand’ (although I still have so much to learn!) Next week, my friend Sally (@bunnyandboo_gifts) and I are going to a Business Planning Workshop with Ladies That Plan. I am really looking forward to feeling a bit more organised and have some better plans for my blogs, newsletters and social media!

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