Fat Quarter Friday!

This week has been sewing week! Every day has had a different theme and sewing shops across the UK have been taking part with workshops and free patterns!

Today is Fat Quarter Friday. 

A fat quarter is a measurement of fabric. Most fabrics are bought by the metre and if you imagine a metre of fabric being cut into four pieces, this is what a fat quarter is. So, generally a fat quarter should measure around 50cm x 55cm. They are popular with quilters for patchwork projects. I particularly love the fat quarter bundles because they sell complementary fabrics together. It's often cheaper than buying these fabrics seperately too.

Fat quarter bundle


I love that fat quarters are so versatile for little craft projects. I make a few of my products out of them, such as bunting and book bag handle wraps. I also make some little projects of my own with them and they are great to try out new ideas with too!fat quarter project phone rest cushion

I made this mobile phone rest with a fat quarter. It's filled with a polyester stuffing material and dried rice to weigh it down.

There are so many free patterns and ideas out there for fat quarter inspiration! Check out the link below to see 38 great ideas using fat quarters!

38 Ingenious Fat Quarter Patterns  - Hobbycraft Blog

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