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What memories do you have of your bedroom as a child? We moved house a few times when I was growing up but wherever we lived, I always had the box room (being the only girl with two brothers). Even though I always had the smallest room, I always made my space my own by putting my own little touches to my bedroom. I always wanted to decorate it pink, I had my favourite ballerina prints and all of my teddies out too!

My daughter has had the same bedroom all of her life and it has gone through a few changes as she has gotten older and now she is very opinionated about how her space should be! Creating a space for your child where they feel safe, calm and happy to be in, means so much to them and hopefully makes life easier for us as parents too when it comes to bedtime and getting them to sleep.

I have been making home décor accessories for a while but I’ve wanted to design and produce a coordinating collection of accessories for a little while now. I started making felt character bunting a couple of years ago for Halloween and last year, I designed the Christmas themed character bunting too. I realised that the themes for character bunting are endless! I have so many to get started with. Once I had started with the bunting, the door sign and fabric storage baskets weren’t far behind. So I thought that I would introduce you to each part of the collection so far.

Felt Unicorn Bunting

There are four characters that I have designed for the unicorn bunting. A unicorn sat down, a leaping unicorn, a rainbow and a cloud. I have included two of each character on the bunting with an option for adding a name as well to personalise this cute accessory. Each bunting set comes with approx. 2m of organza ribbon which means that the bunting will fit into the space you need it to. The characters and name can be adjusted to sit closer together or further apart so it will fit into the space you have. Just make sure that any additional ribbon that isn’t needed is neatly secured by tying it up out of reach of little ones or trimmed to the length required.

There are three fonts to choose from for your child’s name. Fonts one and two are individual letters and can be adjusted independently. Font three comes as one piece as joined up letters.


The name embroidered with font three will be 25cm long regardless of how many letters are in the name. What this does mean is that, the more letters there are in the name, the smaller the font is so even though it will always be 25cm wide, the height of the letters will vary depending on the length of the name.

Personalised Unicorn Door Sign

I ended up with two designs for this door sign and decided that I couldn’t choose between them so included both in the collection! The first design was just the unicorn’s face on grey felt with an embroidered personalisation below. Then, I loved the idea of including the rainbow, cloud and leaping unicorn all in one design as I thought it included all the elements from the bunting and coordinated better. Asking others opinions, I found that both were popular!

I love the idea that this door sign could be used for a bedroom, nursery or playroom and that with the customisation box, you can type in whatever you want embroidered onto the door sign. I’ve shown ‘Evie’s Room’ on the samples but you could have more than one name or even change the room and have a sign that says ‘Lexi & Tilly’s Playroom’ for example!

Unicorn Fabric Storage Baskets

These baskets are bright and colourful but also versatile and practical storage options for your child’s space. They are fabric but they have been strengthened with a heavy interfacing inside so they have some structure. They are sent neatly folded but are easily popped back into shape when they arrive and ready to use. The cute characters I’ve designed are on the front and there is a cheerful lining to each basket too with a little hook so they can be placed on a shelf or hung from a peg. They are perfect for holding nappies, wipes, bibs or even hair accessories, toys and arts and crafts tools.

I am so proud of my new designs and I’ve been so excited to share them with you. I have some new themes coming up very soon as well. I am currently close to getting my final designs for an under the sea and space themes ready to launch. It is always a nervous time to put your designs out there to people but also to try and get across the product too. I love offering different options to my customers so they can have something for their child that is truly unique and fits the space but I’m sure you’ll agree that the possibilities for different styles, colours and fonts are endless and it is a difficult job to get so many options for people to decide between. Sometimes I worry about giving too much choice! I am always open to customers asking for more choices and working with people to get the product that they want to receive so if you have any questions about colour choices, design options or font choices, please message me through my contact me page on my website and I’d be happy to show you other options to make your order with me truly customised and something very special that will bring some joy to your child’s space.

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