Cricut Design Space Tutorial - Adjusting Text

This week, I thought I’d share a Cricut tip I’ve learnt. I use my Cricut machine to cut out vinyl, paper-cuts, card and iron-on vinyl designs too. It can be used for so much more of course!

I often cut out names with my Cricut to personalise some of my makes and I’m going to show you a couple of different ways to adjust text in Cricut Design Space so you can get the best out of your fonts.

Cricut Design Space has so many fonts to choose from. There are the ones from your computer (system fonts) and Cricut’s own fonts. There are many websites where you can buy or download fonts as well so if you install these fonts, they will also be included in the system fonts in Cricut Design Space.

There are a lot of popular cursive fonts around to make it look hand-written and these often need a little tweaking in Cricut Design Space.

For example, when I type it out in PowerPoint or Photoshop it looks like….

Font example

When I type it out in Cricut Design Space, it looks like….

Font example Cricut Design Space

I am going to show you how to correct this!

Firstly, you can correct this within Cricut Design Space itself. If you click on the text, a whole range of new buttons and menus appear. You can change the font, style, size, spacing, alignment, add a curve and even use the advanced feature to ungroup each letter and treat them all individually!

Amending text in Cricut Design Space

By reducing the spacing between letters, you can get the letters close enough to join. Depending on the font, this can be a bit fiddly and if you have lots of text can take time to get right.

Amending text in Cricut Design Space

The other way to get the font right is to type the font out in another program and save as a jpeg or screenshot.You can then upload the image and delete the surrounding parts. If you use the preview at the bottom of the screen, you can check that you have deleted everything!

Uploading text to Cricut Design Space
Cricut design space uploading images 

Once you are happy that you have deleted all of the surrounding image, make sure you choose to save it as a cut image. You can see the text that I've typed in to Cricut Design Space directly and below, the text that I have uploaded.

Cricut Design Space uploading images  Uploading images to Cricut Design Space

Which technique you use depends on the font. There are fonts that you can make look the same in Cricut Design Space but there are some fonts that would take so much tweaking, that it is quicker to import it as a jpeg.

This font is a lovely font to use for personalising makes. This is what is looks like in PowerPoint.

Different font 

 This is what it looks like in Cricut Design Space, where the letters are disjointed.Different font in Cricut Design Space

If I try to reduce the space between the letters, they don't join completely. Which means that without ungrouping all of the letters and tweaking individually, it would take a lot of effort to get this text right. So, uploading it as an image is the quicker and easier way!

Adjusting text in Cricut Design Space

I hope you have found this helpful, let me know if there are any other Cricut Design Space tutorials you would like to see!

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