Christmas is nearly here!

I have missed a couple of weeks writing on my blog because it has been so busy with stalls, preparing for Christmas and a house move on the horizon!

Stall at Christmas Market

I had a few stalls in the last couple of weeks which needed a lot of preparation. I never know how many products I should take! I try to take a range of items, some on my website, some not as I’ve just been playing about with new ideas. I also take samples of personalised makes and take orders on the day too. Getting the opportunity to talk to people about what I make and what I can do, is a massive part of why I love what I do. On a normal day, I’m sat in my little craft room, making and designing so it’s easy to be too close to it all and be really self-critical. You never know if people are going to like what you make or actually want to buy it! I really enjoyed having my stalls this year, I met some lovely people and had a huge confidence boost with some lovely comments about my work too!

Today is the last day that I am taking orders on my website to guarantee that you get them before Christmas. Most of the orders I get are personalised and are made to order so I usually need 5 working days to amend the design, make it and send it out. I am going to be selling some ready to go items next week to clear out some Christmas stock so watch this space!

Christmas banner

I’m looking forward to the Christmas break. My children are so excited for Christmas and the school holidays. It will be nice not to have that morning panic for a couple of weeks! I’m also looking forward to having some time to reflect and plan for next year! 2020 is going to be an exciting year. I have some ideas and plans that I’m looking to launch in the New Year and we are also moving house! We are all very excited about it! There will be a lot to plan, sort and pack but I’m getting very distracted with planning my new craft room! I have my priorities straight!!

In all the craziness, I totally forgot that Little Luna Creations turned 2 at the end of last month! I've been on this journey for 2 years now and I can't quite believe I'm still going! There are so many new designs, ideas and some slightly different paths I would like to take my little business down so I'm going to be working hard over the next couple of months to get those in place! 


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