Big Plans!

I have been rubbish at this blogging lark! I have been looking up about blogging recently and I think I have done every single one of the “How not to blog” list! Anyway, I have rethought it, have done a little planning, sought some expert advice and I’m now on it….. I think!

I went to my very first trade show recently and I loved it! Apart from just being a massive craft shopping experience (I was remarkably restrained!), I got to hear some fascinating talks about the craft industry. It was so nerve-wracking to go a trade fair, I had a bit of imposter syndrome if I’m honest, where I couldn’t help but think that little old me really shouldn’t be there. It was going to those talks that showed me how I was in the same boat as quite a lot of people there. Small, independent businesses, a lot of people on their own making or with shops selling craft supplies. It didn’t take long to feel a little more confident in myself.


One of the talks I listened to really stuck in my head. Steffi Stern from The Makerss (they have fab felting kits! Check them out at did a great talk on Keeping Crafting Popular. She talked about encouraging others to craft and sharing our skills. So I thought, this is really what I should be using this blog for! One of the things I love best about running my business is the amazing crafting community that there is out there. It would be great to help to grow this community through teaching and encouraging others to join in!

So, I am planning to post at least once a week and, as well as writing about what I am up to with Little Luna Creations, I am going to have some tutorials and projects to make, showing you great tools and equipment to use and all things craft!

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