Bespoke Orders

Did you know that I make bespoke or custom orders?
Personalised sibling frame  Felt campfires logs and marshmallows
I love being able to work with my customers and make something for their little ones! Sometimes this means sourcing a new material for a reading cushion or bunting. Maybe a different flag shape for bunting or even designing a new embroidery design or papercut frame.
Bespoke rainbow ballet reading cushion  Personalised cloud bunting nursery decor 
This process usually begins with a message or an email from a client and I ask questions to gather a brief together for the project. Then, it takes time to source new fabric and often order it in as well as formulate a new design on the computer. My embroidery designs and Cricut cut designs are all done digitally on specific software for my machines. When designing for a new pattern, I don’t always get it right the first time! Sometimes, I have to sew or cut out a new design and tweak it several times before the final design is ready to be made. Once the design is finalised, I often send it to the customer to make sure that they are happy and it matches the brief they have given.
Bespoke flag bunting blue  Mindful liberty coasters
Custom orders are perhaps the most enjoyable to give but they are probably most difficult in terms of time to make and pricing. Like many handmade small businesses, I really struggle with pricing. Materials can cost so much and although I do have wholesale accounts where I can get my fabric at a good price, sourcing a new fabric often means buying it at full price for a lot less of it. My fabric supplier sells fabric in rolls of 20 metres so not helpful for a one-off order! Customers can at times expect that a custom order for a cushion or bunting will be the same price as others available on my website!
drawstring bags  bespoke bunting hungry caterpillar company logo
I really feel that offering this service to my customers is part of what makes Little Luna Creations special. I always love a new design challenge and I’ve got some lovely projects lined up. I’m looking forward to sharing them soon!
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