Back to school!

With the children going back to school this week, I realised that there are some starting pre-school, nursery or school for the first time! I remember when my children started nursery at their school, all dressed up in school uniform with their book bags! My daughter is a little small for her age so we struggled to find uniform that fit properly. It swamped her but she looked so cute!

Every day, my children would take in their school book bag and put it into a plastic storage box with all the other identical book bags. They had a keyring or two on the handle to make them stand out but you still had to search through. Then, the school banned keyrings from the bags and there was no way to distinguish their bags from all the others. I made some personalised fabric wraps to wrap around the handle of the book bag so they were easily identifiable. They have been one of my most popular items. My daughter is now in Y3, so she no longer has a book bag but she still has her handle wrap on her rucksack!

Here is an example of one I made recently!


They are a lovely little personalised gift to get a little one starting school and they are available to buy on my website with a range of fabric choices. If there is a theme, colour or pattern that you can’t see available, then you can message me for more options!

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