A New Start and National Read a Book Day

It has been so long since I’ve written on here! Life has certainly been hectic and then over summer, I decided to draw a line, lower my expectations about how much I can actually do in the school holidays and make a fresh start in September. It turned out that August was quite a busy month for me with orders, so I’m glad that I made that decision!

Today is National Read a Book Day and on Sunday it’s International Literacy Day. I have always loved reading and spent many hours reading and re-reading Road Dahl as a child. I loved getting lost in the worlds he created. I must admit, I knew what I liked though and was reluctant to read much else! Not that was ever a problem, I read what I enjoyed and that kept me reading.

I’m lucky that both my children love reading and it’s never really been a battle to get them to read. I love that enjoyable reading for them can come in so many forms though! My son loves Minecraft and there are so many books and magazines on it (it’s quite surreal to see your son reading up on gravel at bedtime!) He loves anything that’s silly too – the ‘Danger is Everywhere’ books by David O’Doherty are a particular favourite! My daughter loves the ‘Magic Animal Friends’ books and anything to do with animals. This week, she started juniors and brought home books on her new favourite topic, History! She has been watching a lot of Horrible Histories over the last few months!

Not all children enjoy reading though and there is a fab article by author Jeff Norton on the BookTrust website on some great tips to get your child more interested in reading. https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/tips-and-advice/reading-tips/tips-for-reluctant-readers/

Encouraging reading at home by having a little reading corner is a lovely idea wherever you can fit it! Whether you find space in their bedroom, playroom, nursery or even a spot on their bed! Accessorising your child’s reading space with a personalised reading cushion is a lovely addition! I have several themes with unicorn, superhero, goodnight and dinosaur, click on the link to check them out!


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