3 Top Tips for Looking After your Book Bag Wrap

I have been selling my Personalised Book Bag Wrap since 2018 and it is still one of my most popular products!

I came up with the idea when my friend’s daughter was going to nursery at school. Both my children had gone to the nursery so I was telling my friend all about it. I ended up moaning to her about how all the children had these identical book bags and every day we had to collect them so quickly and find their book bags in a box of identical bags. Even when they put keyrings on them, it wasn’t easy to find your child’s bag when we had to get them and get out in such a short amount of time. The only part of the book bag that was clearly visible was the handle at the top. So I made a simple fabric wrap that wrapped around the handle so it made the bag stand out but was also comfortable and didn’t get in the way. My friend and her daughter loved it and I quickly had requests for more from others in the class. Now, over 3 years later, I have over 30 fabric choices available and I get orders from my customers for them all year round!

I thought that I’d share how easy it is to look after your child’s book bag wrap through showing you my daughter’s book bag wrap. It had been on her bag for a long time and was not looking its best.

Book bag wrap before washing


Book bag wrap before washing and folded


1. Wash your Book Bag Wrap in the washing machine on a low temperature.

All of my book bag wraps are made from cotton fabric and can be washed in the washing machine. Of course, you could also hand wash if you prefer. I put my book bag wrap in the washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius with a load of other similar coloured clothes.

2. Dry flat, NEVER use a tumble dryer

Book bag wrap drying on a radiator flat

Afterwards, I put it on the radiator to dry flat. The wraps are not suitable for tumble dryers. Even though the fabric is cotton, there is interfacing inside and the embroidery thread might not deal with the high temperatures well.

3. Make sure you protect your wrap when ironing

Ironing the book bag wrap and protecting it

When the book bag wrap was dry, it definitely needed an iron. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t iron directly on the embroidered name or the Velcro. So I used a piece of fabric or you could use a tea towel or pillow case to protect it.

Dyson Spray Starch

Bonus tip: When I make the wrap, I always use a spray starch to help the fabric keep some shape and strengthen it to be embroidered. I used some when I ironed to help the wrap regain some of that shape too. It is absolutely not essential but it can help. Now it looks like new!

Book bag wrap after washing and ironing


Book bag wrap after washing and folded

I have always called them Personalised Book Bag Wraps because that’s how they started out but I know that it’s not the catchiest name. Besides, they can be used on lots of different bags and accessories other than book bags! They are so handy on lunch bags, PE bags, rucksacks and even musical instrument cases!

Book bag wrap on a lunch bag

I’m launching a multi-buy deal for my book bag wraps from today.  You can use these codes when you get to the checkout to get your multi-buy discount!

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 So it is now even easier if you are buying book bag wraps for more than one child, for more than one bag, if you’d like a spare while you wash the other one or even if you would like to change ‘theme’ throughout the year!

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