3 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year!

Halloween is going to be very different this year. Halloween was never something we celebrated when I was growing up. My parents were never that convinced that we should go and knock on our neighbour’s doors expecting sweets! When my son was little, he hated the idea of Halloween. Spooky things and strangers giving him sweets he normally didn’t like that much!

My daughter, however, absolutely LOVES it! So, it’s been quite exciting for me that I can finally feel like I can take part each year! The first year that me and my daughter went trick or treating, she had picked out her costume and wanted me to paint her whole face as a pumpkin. The only thing was, the orange face paint was so difficult to get off. The next day she went to school with an orange face! Parent fail for me!!

My daughter is gutted about missing out this year, so I’ve been looking up some alternative ways to bring some Halloween fun to the little ones in a socially distanced way.

  1. You’ve Been Booed!

I really liked this idea. Getting some sweets together and leaving them on the doorstep for some children with a little card saying ‘You’ve been booed’ and asking them to pass it on and ‘boo’ someone else. It should be anonymous and the great thing about it is, that as Halloween happens to be at the end of half term week for us, this can start at the beginning of half term week it doesn’t have to be just on the day itself!

For some more information, as well as some free printables, you can visit Halloween Angel's website here.

  1. Halloween Party with a Sweetie Scavenger Hunt.

Dressing up, some Halloween themed food and hiding the sweets around the house for the children to find. You can find some lovely printable scavenger hunt clues online like these ones below...

Picklebums.com Halloween Hunt

PlayPartyPlan.com Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Happymoneysaver.com Halloween Treasure Hunt

  1. Socially Distanced Trick or Treat with a Local Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt

This may need a little more organisation in your community! I’ve read about a lovely idea where we can put a picture of a pumpkin in our windows and the children can go around the community on a pumpkin search. Every time they find one, the parents put a sweet or small gift inside their bags. This sounds like a lovely half term activity as it could be done throughout the half term week!

I had a lovely idea of creating personalised pumpkin banners for this! I have two sizes available and they be personalised for your family or house number!

I am also still making my trick or treat bags, Halloween bibs and character Halloween bunting too! Click the images for the links!
As always, I love to hear your comments and questions, feel free to comment below or message me direct.



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